Travel is Education
Book Cover: Study Abroad Text
Professor Seay's new book "International Travel and the Global Experience" introduces a proven method for gaining the most from your traveling experience. 
The text is divided into three logical sections:
  • Preparation
  • Participation
  • Processing
It begins by showing you how to prepare for your trip.
Then it gives you ideas on ways to learn during your trip - about things that are important to you.
After you get home, it shows you how to relive, share, and gain from your travels.

Whether you travel for leisure, business, family, or any other reason, your travel can become an educational experience.

Take a look at the samples contained in the following pages and see how your travel experience can be enhanced through some simple steps.
If you think these are helpful, consider buying the full text, available by contacting Prof. Seay.

If you are registered for any of Prof. Seay's Study Abroad programs, this text is available for free.  Once you have registered, you will receive information about downloading the text.